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Owners and operators seeking focussed, easily referenced coverage of a particular area of their business aircraft's upkeep will find AvBuyer's Special Editions useful.


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About AvBuyer's Special Edition

Providing answers to your most pressing questions in the areas of MRO (and related projects during that downtime) and Cabin Electronics, our expert authors interview the industry’s most respected specialists to glean their tips and how-to advice.

Best of all, the information is timeless - so even if your next maintenance inspection, overhaul, or associated upgrade is five or more years away, the information will be as relevant then as it is today!

Our readers have described AvBuyer as a ‘keeper’, useful for archiving for future reference.

We understand the need for quick-reference material in today’s busy world, and therefore produce regular special editions covering the areas of MRO and Cabin Electronics.

Within each special edition, focused content offers the big picture in a minute, easy-to-digest detail, arming you to face your next major overhaul, inspection, cabin, or cockpit refurbishment with confidence and a clear plan.


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