Need Rolls-Royce Engine Coverage?

For over 20 years CorporateCare® has provided our Business Aviation customers with outstanding peace of mind by protecting them from unforeseen costs and unscheduled events worldwide. This comprehensive, fixed-cost engine maintenance management plan has consistently enhanced asset value and increased liquidity, maintaining its leading position in the business aviation industry.

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How is Rolls-Royce supporting CorporateCare Enhanced?

CorporateCare Enhanced increases the excellent services offered today by ensuring that everything provided by Rolls-Royce is now covered. That’s why Rolls-Royce now offers expanded line maintenance coverage on all CorporateCare engines and nacelle coverage on the BR710, BR725, and brand new Pearl® 15 engine.

  • Global Authorized Service Center (ASC) network comprising of over 75 service centers.
  • Upgraded ASC Business App to guarantee our customers experience a seamless transfer to the new service level within the ASC network.
  • Lease pool for Nacelle components and related tooling now available.
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